The colour you choose for your kitchen can have a big influence on the style and overall design. For a contemporary kitchen, colour can be an even more important choice. So what are some of the most stylish colour choices for contemporary kitchens? Well, here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the different colour choices for contemporary kitchens.

Stylish colour choices for contemporary kitchens

Contemporary kitchen design has some specific but important details that need to be perfect, to create the right effect. But the colour of the cabinets is not restricted at all. As a result, you can choose from a range of colours, and colour combinations. But what are the different colours you should consider? Well, there are several that can be very effective for any contemporary kitchen space. These include:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black

Creating a white contemporary kitchen

Although there are so many other colour options available, white remains one of the most popular options for any kitchen site, traditional or contemporary. For white contemporary kitchen suites, you can choose between a gloss or a mat finish, although a high gloss finish for white cabinets is more common. These can be paired with white worktops, or you could opt for a contrasting worktop colour like black or dark grey, or a wooden worktop, to create and focus visual interest.

Creating a grey contemporary kitchen

A grey contemporary kitchen can be incredibly stylish, as well as practical, as the grey will hide any fingermarks on the doors more effectively than white cabinets. All manner of grey tones can be effective in a contemporary kitchen, from pale shades to deeper, richer tones. You can also opt for a gloss or mat finish. A white or wooden worktop can be very effective in a grey kitchen, or you can opt for a different shade of grey, to create a subtle contrast.

Blue contemporary kitchen suites

Blue cabinets in the kitchen can be a stunning and unique option for your home or property. A range of blue shades can be very effective in a contemporary kitchen, from pale blue shades to dark, rich or royal blues. These often look most effective with a mat finish, but you could opt to mix and mach around the kitchen. You could also use blue cabinets as an accent or feature addition to your contemporary kitchen.

Creating a black contemporary kitchen

Although this is the most unusual of the colour choices, a black contemporary kitchen can be stunning. This is most suitable for large, open plan kitchens, as when used in small spaces black cabinets can make the room feel smaller than it really is. You should also opt for a gloss finish, at least for some of the cabinets, to reflect the light back into the room. Black cabinets can really help to create a striking and unusual kitchen.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio