For many kitchens, choosing the right layout and shape for the kitchen is a top priority. However, homeowners and property developers working with a galley kitchen do not have this option. A galley kitchen is one that is long and narrow, often with kitchen cabinets and appliances lining each of the long sides. And as such, there is no truly effective way to change this design layout. But there are a number of ways to use style and design to create a functional space that is also visually appealing. So what are the important practical design options for galley kitchens? And how can you be sure to create a truly effective galley kitchen area?

What are the important practical design options for galley kitchens?

While the visual appeal of your kitchen is essential for your enjoyment of the space and for resale value, it is the practicality and functionality of the space that can really make a big difference to your day to day life. And this is especially true in a room where space is compromised, like a galley kitchen. As a result, there are a number of practical considerations to take into account, including:

  • Choosing integrated kitchen appliances- integrated appliances are appliances that are built into kitchen cupboards and compartments so that you get a smooth, even visual effect across your kitchen. This works well for fridges, freezers, cookers, and washing machines. But this is also a practical consideration too, as it can help to save space, and remove the amount of handles and dials protruding into the floor space.
  • Design with the golden triangle in mind- one of the most important practical design decisions for any kitchen is the location of some important fixtures and appliances. Throughout kitchen design, the golden triangle is known as the space between the sink, the oven and the fridge. These are the three most important features of the kitchen, and the places you will frequently move between while cooking and preparing food. As a result, these three points need to be fairly close to one another, and form an unobstructed triangular pattern for the best use of space, to make your kitchen more practical, and easy to use.
  • Choose light cabinet colours- In a narrow galley kitchen, the space can feel quite small and tight. But with clever decor and colour choices, you can really create a bright and vibrant kitchen that feels larger than it really is. Choosing light colours that will reflect any artificial or natural light, instead of absorbing these is a great option, However, you shouldn’t feel like you are restricted to high gloss, contemporary cabinets, as you should instead opt for kitchen cabinets to suit your style. In fact, any galley kitchen can be visually stunning with a country or rustic style, as long as you use light colours.
  • Choose a handleless kitchen design- many galley kitchens are quite narrow, so by choosing a handle-less kitchen design you can actually make a small but important change to the space available. Removing the handles can add a small amount of floor space, as you can actually move closer to the cabinets. And this has a visual effect too, creating a smooth finish.

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