While some kitchen design details, like the worktop style or the cabinet door finish are often prioritized, you shouldn’t neglect the smaller design features. These can play an important practical role, and emphasize your design style too. So what are the small but important kitchen design details? Well, here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about smaller kitchen design features.

What are the small but important kitchen design details?

There are a number of design details for any kitchen that might seem insignificant, but actually, these are very important. These small details include:

  • The kitchen taps
  • The kitchen cabinet handles

Why are kitchen taps so important?

Choosing the right kitchen taps might not feel as important as the right kitchen sink, but without the right taps, your sink might not make the impression it should. In fact, taps are a small detail that might be overlooked sometimes during the planning of the kitchen, but these will be used multiple times a day, making them an important functional consideration. The right taps will also complement your overall kitchen design theme or style, emphasizing the larger contemporary or traditional design features.

Choosing the right kitchen taps

To choose the right taps for your kitchen, you should consider:

  • One tap or two- a mixer tap can look great in a contemporary kitchen, while double pillar taps can be seen as more traditional. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Some taps have the right finish, or colour, to look great in any kitchen.
  • Tap material- you should try and pair the material of your taps with that of your kitchen sink, matching steel with steel for example, or copper apron sinks with copper taps. When this isn’t possible, consider pairing your taps with the same material as the kitchen cabinet handles, or matching the colour with the overall colour scheme.

Why are kitchen cabinet handles so important?

Whether you opt for kitchen cabinet door handles, or leave them out completely, should be your first consideration. Handle-less kitchens are synonymous with contemporary design, and can be very visually appealing. But this isn’t the solution for every contemporary household. So for contemporary, or traditional kitchens, how important are the handles for your kitchen cabinets? Well, actually, these handles play an important role in visual design. They typically stand out from the cabinet doors, as a visual design feature. But they also need to be practical too, being wide enough for easy use, and also easy to clean.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet handles

To choose the right cabinet handles for your kitchen cabinet doors, you should consider:

  • The material choice- just like taps, kitchen cabinet handles are available in a range of different materials that can suit or emphasize your kitchen design style. Choose natural materials like metals or woods for any kitchen with a neutral theme, for a stunning visual effect.
  • The shape of the handles- while traditional kitchen cabinet handles can be more decorative, using pull ring handles, or looped handles, more contemporary kitchens opt instead for rectangular or square handles.

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