When it comes to choosing your new kitchen suite, why not go for something more bold. Success with dark kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be a challenge. While white glossy cabinets are still popular, they don’t really make a statement. From traditional styles to contemporary and modern kitchens, dark colours can be bold and extremely effective. Here at Priory Kitchen Studio in Preston, we are kitchen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to success with dark kitchen cabinets.

Why use dark kitchen cabinets at all?

At this point, we know many of you will be wondering why you should opt for dark kitchen cabinets at all. Especially as they are quite uncommon. Well, here are some top reasons:

  • Dark kitchen cabinets complement a kitchen that relies on natural effects, including timber and stone, and can help to create an ambiance of homeliness and relaxation
  • In the contemporary kitchen, cabinets that are rich and bold in colour can really stand out and add character and personality. This is extremely important when you consider that people often avoid choosing contemporary kitchens because of the potentially clinical appearance.
  • In the traditional kitchen, both glossy and matt cabinets in dark colours can add to a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

So, what kind of colours make a good choice?


Rich, royal blue kitchen cabinets are fantastic when paired with white subway tiles in the traditional look, or add a hint of light grey for a contemporary twist.

Alternatively navy or very deep blue kitchen cabinets, with a high gloss finish can reflect the light and create a classy and sophisticated kitchen.


Rising in popularity, grey is currently second only to white for kitchen cabinet colours. There are a range of darker shades of grey that can really make a statement in your kitchen, especially when paired with a good choice of tiles. Timber effect, natural stone, or even a bright colour can all complement a grey kitchen suite, depending on which kitchen theme you would like to create.

If you would like advice or support when it comes to choosing and installing your new kitchen, why not contact us today, here at Priory Kitchen Studio?

by Priory Kitchen Studio