When it comes to your new kitchen, style is everything. When you have a traditional home, but want to design a contemporary kitchen with a modern feel, what should you focus on? And how can you help it flow with the rest of your home? Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are experts when it comes to creating kitchens that will truly stun. As a result, we have produced this guide to contemporary kitchen styling tips.

Contemporary Kitchen Styling Tips

To truly get the most out of your contemporary kitchen design, you have to understand the principles of contemporary design. Sleek, seamless, and clutter-free, a contemporary kitchen draws the focus to the cabinets and work-surfaces.

The overall shape of the kitchen layout is emphasised throughout kitchen design. As a result, you also need to plan the layout.

Seamless Design

Cabinets finished in gloss, with no texture, and a smooth edge help to create the appearance of a seamless contemporary design. Consider innovations in contemporary design including:

⦁ Sliding panel doors that have a push release mechanism, opening sliding larder pullouts with no handles

⦁ The Russian doll effect of drawers within a much larger cupboard to prevent the external appearance from being too segmented.

⦁ A solid surface design for the work-surfaces and splash-backs which will leave no joins or grouting.

Clutter-free Appearance

When it comes to your contemporary design, keep the clutter to a minimum by:

⦁ Using a cabinet design that hides drawers and smaller cupboards inside the larger design.

⦁ Avoid spices and ingredients being placed in racks or baskets on work-surfaces as this breaks up the visual appeal.

⦁ Consider hiding the appliances like fridges, freezers and dishwashers inside the cabinet design.

In summary

Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are experts at kitchen design and creation. Our contemporary kitchen styling tips include considering a seamless design, and creating a clutter-free appearance. Why not contact us today?

by Priory Kitchen Studio