Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen specialists. From the work-surfaces to the cabinets, from traditional styles, to the contemporary, we know how to create a space that will really stand out. But what are the most popular kitchen designs and styles currently, and how would these work for your kitchen space?

What are the most popular kitchen designs and styles?

Kitchen designs and trends often change, but there are some timeless options that remain popular. Right now, these include:

  • The contemporary kitchen design- this is a design style that uses sleek finishes, straight lines and minimalism to create a space that is stylish, light, bright and uncluttered. Each of the design choices will be important here, with plain and simple door designs and even splashback features that follow the same design principle.
  • The traditional kitchen design- in a traditional kitchen space you can add more personality and character with embellishments and designs that have more pattern. Traditional kitchens can be white and sleek or alternatively can make use of natural materials like timber and stone, or timber and stone effect features.
  • Shaker kitchen design– a Shaker kitchen is a specific type of kitchen design that uses symmetrical design for cabinets and doors, without embellishments or patterns. The doors usually feature a flat centre panel and square edges, with minimal detailing or profiling. This can create a timeless effect for any kitchen space.
  • White kitchen design- a white kitchen has long been a popular choice for homeowners and property developers alike. These make use of all white cupboards, cabinets and worksurfaces to create a clean, simple and bright room that is appealing for preparing food and eating. A white kitchen can be designed in a contemporary style, or a more traditional style, based on your requirements.
  • Grey kitchen design– much like a white kitchen design, the grey kitchen space involves using grey cabinets and furniture. These can be used in different tones or shades of grey to add contrast and visual interest around the room. A grey kitchen is often best suited to a contemporary design style.
  • Two-tone kitchen design- a two tone kitchen is another of the very popular options for kitchen design right now. This involves using two colour tones to create there kitchen furniture, adding contrast to areas of the kitchen. It is often used with cabinet doors as well as worktops.

For more information or advice about the kitchen design option that would best suit your kitchen space, get in touch with the experts today, here at Priory Kitchen Studios.

by Priory Kitchen Studio