As part of any kitchen redesign or new installation, the kitchen sink is an important consideration. Not only does your kitchen need to offer practical functionality, but it also needs to suit the visual design and aesthetic of your interior design. And there are actually three different options for your kitchen sink, that each have different advantages and draw-backs. So which should you choose? 

What are the different options for your kitchen sink?

The different types of kitchen sink you could choose from include:

⦁ Undermount kitchen sink
⦁ Overmount kitchen sink
⦁ Integrated kitchen sink

What is an undermount kitchen sink?

An undermount kitchen sink is one that is fitted below the worktop. This means there are no rims or edges on show, creating a steam-lined, minimalist effect. This is perfect for both contemporary and traditional kitchens alike. However, to install this type of sink you will need a strong worktop, made of a waterproof and durable material that can provide structural support. And this can also be more expensive than an overmount sink, with additional installation costs.

What is an overmount kitchen sink?

An overmount kitchen sink is probably the most common kitchen sink option. This involves dropping the kitchen sink into a pre-cut mould or hole in the worktop. This type of sink is suitable for all manner of worktops, although it does have visible edges, and usually attached draining areas. This can break up the streamlined appeal of your contemporary kitchen.

What is an integrated kitchen sink?

An integrated kitchen sink is one that is made from the same material as the worktop, so the worktop and the sink are all one solid piece. Solid surface materials like Corian can be used to achieve this. However, any damage that occurs to the worktop or the sink itself, means that the whole unit will need repairing or replacing. This type of sink is often much more expensive than the other options available.

Typically, either an overmount or undermount kitchen sink can be the perfect solution for the majority of kitchens. For more information or advice about which kitchen sink would suit your new kitchen suite, get in touch with the team today, here at Priory Kitchen Studio.

by Priory Kitchen Studio