At the centre of the home, the kitchen is of upmost importance. From colour schemes to layouts there are many decisions to be made when it comes to a new kitchen. Most notably, the style of your kitchen will be a central decision point. Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we know just how important the perfect kitchen is. This is our guide to help you choose between the different kitchen styles.


The rustic style

Homely and traditional, the rustic kitchen is warm and welcoming. Using unfinished wooden textures and warm colours, this style of kitchen is notably cosy and communal. As a result, the rustic kitchen is perfect for unwinding and relaxing, and is a great place for family meals. If you are looking for a kitchen that fits a traditional style home, while reflecting a laid-back atmosphere, the rustic kitchen might be perfect for you.

The modern style

Modern style kitchens tend to be sleek, efficient, and sharp. Designed around practicalities, the modern kitchen is easy to navigate and simple to use. With intelligent design, clever storage, and smooth surfaces, the modern style kitchen is the easiest to clean. Consequently, for a practical and well finished kitchen, the modern style may be perfect for you.

The contemporary style

A compromise between the rustic and the modern style kitchens, the contemporary kitchen is a unique option. A contemporary style kitchen blends aspects of the rustic and modern style kitchen together. Adopting, the welcoming atmosphere of a rustic kitchen, this style may include unique design, colour splashes and unusual furniture. Combined with the smooth and uncluttered approach of a modern kitchen, as well as the clever storage, the contemporary kitchen is entirely unique.

In summary

Choosing the perfect style kitchen is a personal choice. Warm and welcoming, sleek and efficient, or maybe a blend of the two, the kitchen style is an important decision. Why not take a look at what we can offer? Contact us at Priory Kitchen Studio today.

by Priory Kitchen Studio