A handful of influential designers called ‘The Silestone Trendspotters’ have recently reported trends from each of their regional markets. One of the things they embraced is how important colour is when it comes to designing your kitchen and left a few tips on how to transform your room a unique kitchen experience.

Firstly, they highlight how important it is to balance your personal style with practicality. By incorporating metallic into your kitchen such as brass it can really make the space feel very vintage or modern – depending on what design you want. They say you can achieve this by remodelling your current lighting, plumbing, hardware and adding any decorative touches.

A big tip is for your designers to know you on a personal basis, for them to understand what you do every day and how you are as a person. Whether you want your ideas to start off small or for them to be bold and brash, make sure you don’t follow any stereotypical rules and have fun with the process!

Focus on one primary colour to anchor the space of your kitchen yet complimenting the countertops and work surfaces. Make sure the hue balances the functionality of your appliances but also brings out the paintwork. Synchronize the metal and subtle artwork to make the room stand out in a completely unique but composed way.

Kitchens are a place where you want to feel relaxed and to be enjoyable at the same time. There’s no point selecting a design that you’d want to change in a couple of years, that’s why at Priory Kitchen, we make sure that what you want, is exactly what you get.

We go through everything with you, right until the last minute. So you don’t need to worry about a thing! That’s a promise.

by Priory Kitchen Studio