When it comes to a contemporary kitchen, there is a huge emphasis on smooth lines and straight edges. This is obvious throughout the use of cabinetry and the selected work-surfaces. However, handles can be a real sticking point when it comes to this innovative design trend. As a result, handle-less kitchen designs are becoming far more common. Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s preferred kitchen specialists, and we have produced this guide to handle-less kitchen designs.

Inset kitchen handles

Discreet but practical, the inset handle does not protrude from the kitchen cabinets. Instead, it is inlaid within the cabinet itself. This means that you can maintain the straight edges and clean lines of a contemporary kitchen, while also maintaining a practical kitchen suite. There are also options for personalizing your inset kitchen handles. These include:

⦁ the handle orientation and position
⦁ the width of the handle- for example a pan drawer may need a wider handle
⦁ and the depth of the handle to make it easier to open and close

The touch kitchen

With no handle whatsoever, the touch kitchen is truly flat and smooth. They are simply opened using pressure plates, which when pushed in slightly, will release the door. This can be extremely handy in the kitchen, where you often have your hands full.
Having said that, some of the doors and cabinets will not be appropriate for a touch door. This includes:

⦁ magic corner cabinets
⦁ pull out larders
⦁ doors that cover an appliance cupboard (like a fridge or washing machine)

Instead you may consider an inset handle or an inline handle for these doors.

In summary

Handle-less kitchen designs are based on simplicity and practicality, and they beautifully compliment contemporary kitchen design. Inset handles are a practical solution, but touch doors are the most impressive for sleek and stylish innovation. Why not use a blend of both to create your perfect contemporary kitchen.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio