The perfect kitchen is something we all dream of. From homeowners to property developers, our perfect kitchen wishlist is unique. However, a common problem for many is not knowing how to get started. As a result, we at Priory Kitchen Studio, have produced this helpful guide to designing your perfect kitchen.

Research for Inspiration

The first step you need to take is find some inspiration. This will come naturally by researching the kitchen styles available, and finding images of kitchens you would wish to base your own on. This research can emerge from a basic google search, to pintrest, to glossy magazines. Either way, finding some images will help you focus on what you want to create.

Leave room in the budget

Kitchen projects that aren’t well planned, often run over budget. This is something that you can plan for and prevent any unnecessary worrying. The difference between the initial quote and the actual cost of the project can be different. If you leave enough room in your budget to handle this potential difference, you shouldn’t have a problem.
Our top tip in relation to budgets, is to make sure that you shop around. Don’t settle for the first quote. Get an opinion from different companies and you should get some idea of what the cost ought to be.

Preparation is essential

Designing your kitchen takes preparation. Measure your kitchen space before you head to the shops. This way you’ll save yourself time when planning your own layout. Also, if you have any material samples or tile samples that you want to match your kitchen with, make sure you have them first. This way your kitchen shopping experience will be more focused and more likely to lead to success.

In summary

Designing your perfect kitchen takes hard work and planning. However, the final results will make it worthwhile. For all your kitchen tips and ideas, or to view our top quality kitchen furnishings, contact us at Priory Kitchen Studio today.

by Priory Kitchen Studio