A galley kitchen can be a highly stylish and practical space when this is well designed. And this can even create a contemporary result. So what are the contemporary design options for galley kitchens? Well, here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals and this is our guide to everything you should know about contemporary galley kitchen spaces.

What are the most effective contemporary design options for galley kitchens?

If you want to create a contemporary galley kitchen space there are a number of effective design options you can choose from to get the perfect visual result, while also creating a practical kitchen space. These effective contemporary design options include:

  • Choosing handleless cabinets- in a galley kitchen, space in the aisle can be limited as it is. But by removing the handles from cabinets and drawers you can save space in the centre of the kitchen space while also creating a highly contemporary effect. Handleless cabinets have long been an established feature of a contemporary kitchen, with cabinet doors being touch to open, or using inset handles instead.
  • Using high gloss surfaces- for a contemporary kitchen space, sleek high gloss surfaces are a necessity. However, in recent years the trend has changed to include matt finish cabinets and floors as well, with a two tone, or two finish mix and match approach being highly sought after. This can still be achieved effectively in your galley kitchen. The gloss surfaces will reflect light and help your galley kitchen feel lighter and brighter, as well as more airy. As a result, it can be a good idea to use high gloss surfaces where the natural light can best be reflected.
  • Choosing integrated appliances-one of the key features of any contemporary kitchen space is the smooth, sleek finish of the room, and by using integrated appliances, this visual effect can be achieved. These are appliances that are built into the cabinets instead of being separate helping to create a unified visual effect synonymous with contemporary design.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio