A kitchen island is a popular option for any large or medium large kitchen space. This can add extra worktop space, increase storage, and can even be used effectively for kitchen seating. But have you considered an L shaped kitchen island? And what are the advantages of installing an L shaped kitchen island? Well, here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals and this is our guide to everything you should know about L shaped kitchen islands.

What are the advantages of an L shaped kitchen island?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing an L shaped kitchen island, if your kitchen has the space. These advantages include:

  • Creating a useful multi purpose space
  • Changing the layout more effectively

An L shaped kitchen island can create a multi-purpose space

Adding a kitchen island adds usable space to your kitchen, in the form of seating, storage or food preparation, or a combination of all three. But with an L shaped kitchen island, you can be sure to create the different types of spaces you need. Because of the L shape, there is a distinct divide between one part of the kitchen island and another, which means that it can be used effectively for different activities. The additional space means that you can have an additional sink, while still adding kitchen island seating comfortably and safely.

An L shaped kitchen island can effectively change the layout of the space

Installing an L shaped kitchen island can help to alter the layout and flow of your kitchen overall. While a kitchen island is often used to create a divide and to zone the different areas, an L shaped kitchen island can achieve this far more effectively. This can even help divide your kitchen into three specific areas, instead of just 2.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio