Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we pride ourselves on our encyclopaedic knowledge of kitchen styles. Of course, our kitchens are as unique as the customers we produce them for. Nonetheless, there are a few overarching styles that define the designs of most kitchens. Each style of kitchen is suited to a different use and appeals to a different type of person.

1. Rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens are old-fashioned and homely. They often use rough wooden surfaces and warm colour schemes to create a welcoming, cosy environment. They are a fantastic place to eat communal or family meals. Because they communicate a relaxed, low-pressure environment, rustic kitchens are also a great place for informal socialisation. If you feel that your kitchen should be a place where you can chat and unwind, the rustic style may suit you perfectly.

2. Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens are exactly the opposite of rustic kitchens: they are stark, stylish and efficient. This style of kitchen is easy to cook in and keep clean thanks to their uncluttered design, smooth surfaces and intelligent use of space. They also look impressive. Modern kitchens are ideal if you want a practical space with a clean, cool aesthetic that can dazzle guests and add value to your home. However, it’s worth noting that modern kitchens aren’t usually very inviting and don’t make great social spaces.

3. Contemporary kitchens

If you want a compromise between the welcoming homeliness of a rustic kitchen and the sparkling efficiency of a modern kitchen, you might want to consider a contemporary kitchen. Contemporary kitchens have the same smooth, uncluttered surfaces and space-efficient design as modern kitchens, but they are tempered with splashes of colour, interesting furniture or other quirky design features. This makes them more inviting and allows them to be used socially, while remaining highly practical. While they may not be quite as welcoming as rustic kitchens or quite as impressive as modern ones, they are perfect if you need a pragmatic space that you can also use to entertain guests.

4. Traditional kitchens

Do you sometimes long for a refined, stately kitchen where you can feel inspired to take on new culinary challenges or host exquisite formal meals? If so, a traditional kitchen that uses polished, dark wood and rich colours to create a cultured atmosphere may be exactly what you need.

However you want to use your kitchen, there really is a design to suit you!

by Priory Kitchen Studio