So, now we’ve always filled you in on the top cabinet trends for 2017, it’s time for the top worktop trends! Many people tend to get the most practical looking worktop that they think will complement their kitchen, be fully functional – but let’s be real. Sometimes they can look a bit boring. There are so many designs on the market right now and not a lot of people will have heard of them, or think it won’t fit with their kitchen, well; they’re wrong!

Check our list out below to see what’s hot right now and why you should think about giving your kitchen a makeover – especially in time for the New Year!

We know it doesn’t sound very appealing but we promise it’s not how it sounds. Splashbacks replicate the look of marble, natural wood and even concrete without the expensive installation cost. Normally paired with rich colours, these intricate designs can appear in many different forms such as mosaic, subway tiles and geometric patterns.

Metallic and Metal
As we draw closer to the Winter months, mixing warm metals and metallic together still continues to be a crowd favorite as the warm tones welcome a sense of coziness into the kitchen, especially around Christmas and those first couple of months after the New Year. This includes many materials such as copper, brushed steel and hammered or perforated metals. This works well if your kitchen follows a more industrial theme as these soft accents will really finish your kitchen off.

This can range from shelves and doors to lighting and accessories. It can really add a touch of elegance and taste to your kitchen while still being contemporary and brightening the space up. Layer it with contrasting materials for that more modern look and feel.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio