There are lots of different types of kitchen worktops you could choose, but granite has become a firm favourite in recent times. What makes granite such a popular choice?

Granite is made from natural rock, where you can find slight variations in colour, pattern and texture. When you choose a granite worktop, you can be assured of receiving a worktop that is distinct from any other – ideal if you want your kitchen to stand out from the crowd. With a wide range of colours, you can choose a style that blends in with your existing kitchen décor.

When you purchase a new kitchen worktop, durability will be an important consideration. Granite is hardwearing and tough, so makes for a very strong and durable kitchen worktop material. With correct maintenance and care, you can expect your granite worktop to last for a very long time.

One of the benefits of choosing a granite worktop is that it keeps its colour well and has a smooth, glossy finish, bringing bags of style to any kitchen. As well as looking classy, granite is the perfect choice for high maintenance kitchens. It has a dense structure, which makes it tough but also highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat, earning its status as an incredibly practical and hygienic choice of worktop.

Some kitchen worktop materials require lots of maintenance to keep them looking good. Granite surfaces have minimum porosity, which means they are generally resistant to absorbing water, so they can be easily wiped clean with just a damp cloth. Mostly, this is all that is required to keep granite worktops looking in pristine condition.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio