Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design specialists. And we work with homeowners and property developers across Preston, and the North West, to deliver top quality, stunning kitchen solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the different slimline options for small kitchens.

What are the most effective slimline options for small kitchens?

A small kitchen can be difficult to work with. From a lack of storage space, to difficulty fitting in all of your necessary appliances. But good kitchen design can counter any of these issues. Especially when you consider the slimline options available. So what are these slimline options? Well, there are several, including:

  • Slimline kitchen cabinets
  • Slimline kitchen islands
  • Slimline kitchen worktops
  • Slimline sinks

Slimline kitchen cabinets for small kitchens

Slimline kitchen cabinets are cabinets that have a reduced depth. This means that they take up less floor space, as they do not extend as far as regular cabinets. These can be used in conjunction with regular depth cabinets, or throughout your entire kitchen. In a small kitchen space, where floor space is restricted, slimline kitchen cabinets can provide the necessary storage, without taking up as much room. As a result, your small kitchen will feel larger and more roomy.

Slimline kitchen islands for small kitchens

Slimline kitchen islands are a narrower kitchen island that can be a great fit for small to medium sized kitchens. These can be installed in kitchens where a regular sized kitchen island would simply take up too much room. The additional worktop space, and storage or seating that these offer is invaluable to any kitchen. Installing a slimline kitchen island can even help increase the value of your kitchen.

Slimline kitchen worktops for small kitchens

Slimline kitchen worktops are worktops that are thinner than regular worktops. For small kitchens, the thickness of regular worktops can be out of place, and if you are using slimline kitchen cabinets, the worktops should be thinner to match.

Slimline kitchen sinks for small kitchens

In small kitchens, worktop space can be in short supply. That’s why a slimline sink can be a great idea. This is a smaller sink than normal and it takes up less of your worktop space while still being extremely practical. Available in a range of styles and designs, a slimline kitchen sink can suit any kitchen, in any style.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio