Here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design specialists. And we work with homeowners and property developers across Preston, and the North West, to deliver top quality, stunning kitchen solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about choosing the right kitchen worktop.

What are the practical considerations for kitchen worktops?

When choosing a new kitchen worktop there are a range of considerations to take into account. These considerations include:

  • The durability of the kitchen worktop- any kitchen worktop in any home needs to be strong, durable and resilient. This is because it will need to be resistant to chopping, heat from hot pots and pans, as well as being stain and spill resistant, and impact resistant too. As a result, this should be your top priority, as it is one of the most practical considerations.
  • The thickness of the kitchen worktop- the thickness of the kitchen worktop is another important consideration. From wide and chunky worktops to thinner worktops, you should consider the visual impact on the different profiles, to achieve the right result for your kitchen. You can even consider combining kitchen worktops of various thicknesses to separate and differentiate between different zonal areas. This can create a stunning visual effect that can also be streamlined.
  • The height of the kitchen worktop- the height of the kitchen worktop is also something that is important to consider. This needs to be installed at a comfortable height for chopping and food preparation, while also being a suitable height at any seating areas. As a result, you may want to combine different heights in different parts of the kitchen for the maximum practicality.
  • The colour of the kitchen worktop- the colour of the kitchen worktop is another important consideration. The colour can contrast with the kitchen cabinets, or it can be complementary in colour. Whatever you choose, bear in mind the style and design of your kitchen, and choose colours that will suit your intended effect.
  • The kitchen worktop finish- the kitchen worktop can have a range of effective finish options, including matt or glossy. A high gloss finish can reflect the light around the kitchen, helping this feel lighter, brighter and more roomy. While a matt kitchen worktop can be a great compliment to a matt finish kitchen.
  • The material the kitchen worktop is made from- the kitchen worktop can be made from a range of different materials. The material you choose can be dependent on a range of factors including budget, design and texture. Some of the most popular material choices include:
    • Hardwood worktops
    • Laminate worktops
    • Stone worktops
    • Quartz worktops
    • Solid surface worktops

If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen worktop to complement your kitchen, why not take a look at what we can offer, here at Priory Kitchen Studio.

by Priory Kitchen Studio