How to Keep your Sink Spotless!

Your kitchen sink is something that should always be clean, and not only does it reflect your home, but it also reflects you and how you live. Because there are different types of sinks, there are different ways to keep them clean.

Below are a few tips on how to keep it spotless!

Fireclay Sink

This is probably the hardest sink to clean as they do require a huge amount of maintenance and attention. Always remember to wash the sink down after every use with a clean cloth and never use cleaning products as they can be harmful towards the sink and leave stains.

Another top tip would be to buy a sink rack to stop anything scratching the bottom of the sink!

Stainless Steel Sink

Because these can be very bright in colour, they are prone to scratches and marks. Remember to always rub with the grain and don’t scrub the wrong way. Always be sure to use proper stainless steel products to avoid any damages that may occur.

Cast Iron Sink

This is probably the cheapest and most common form of sink and it doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance a stainless sink needs.

The best thing to do to keep it 100% clean, is to use neutral products and a warm cloth, and avoid using a wire brush to avoid scratches.

Keep your Sponge/Cloth Clean

Your sponge or cloth is one of the most used item in your kitchen and if it’s not kept clean properly, it can become a breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria which can then transfer onto your sink. This can also transfer onto your cutlery, pots, pans and plates.

Remember to always clean your sink in conjunction with your kitchen so everything is in spotless condition!



by Priory Kitchen Studio