So, you’ve just got a beautiful kitchen installed which you can admire and here comes the fun bit…filling it with new items! What are the best kitchen gadgets on the market for your new stylish home? Let’s get you started!

A Spoon Rest

With your new sides all glistening, it’s hard to want to start cooking in your kitchen because you want to keep it spotless! Well, a spoon rest could be the beginning of putting your worries to rest! When you’re stirring your pasta, afterwards simply place your spoon on the spoon rest to avoid stained sides. Simple yet effective, right?


If you still believe you’re petrified of ruining that new kitchen but fancy doing a bit of baking, then here’s the solution for you! Buying a mixer can help you prepare the best baked goods without the added elbow grease and messy kitchen! After the mixing has commenced, simply put the dishwasher-proof bowl into the dishwasher and ta-dah!

Garlic Press

So you fancy yourself as Nigella Lawson (the chef side, not the drinking side!) and you want to start adding taste to all of your dishes? Well the garlic press is for you, it avoids doing the chopping yourself and leaves chunks of garlic out your yummy meal!

Digital Scales

Get into the modern era with digital scales for more accurate measuring in order to make the best meals you possibly can! There are many designs to fit in with near enough any kitchen, even some having a retro design so you can have the best measuring with a stylish touch!

We hope this helps you when your frantically looking for what you need to fill out your brand new kitchen and ultimately become a domestic goddess!

by Priory Kitchen Studio