Designing a small kitchen can be a challenge, but with the right tips and tricks, you can create a functional and stylish space that works for your needs.

What are the important considerations when designing a small kitchen?

When planning and designing the layout and options for a small kitchen space there are a  number of important considerations to take into account. These include:

  • Choosing the colour scheme 
  • Designing the storage 
  • Choosing the appliances 
  • Planning the layout

 Choosing the colour scheme for a small kitchen

A small kitchen can feel bigger and more open by using light colours like white, beige, light grey, or blue. Additionally, these hues reflect light, which can help to brighten up the space. This effect can be increased with high gloss surfaces that will reflect even more light for a bright and airy kitchen space.

Designing the storage for a small kitchen

 Making the most of every square inch is essential because small kitchens frequently lack storage space. To save up room on the countertops and floor, think about employing vertical storage, such as wall-mounted shelves and hanging pot racks. Pull out pastries are another option. These are very narrow, just wide enough for spice jars or other cupboard ingredients, and these can be stored between appliances in gaps of around 2 inches.

Choosing the appliances for a small kitchen

Look for small-space-specific compact models when selecting appliances for a small kitchen. A small dishwasher or a mini refrigerator, for instance, can save lots of room without sacrificing functionality.

Planning the layout of a small kitchen

Making the most of a small kitchen’s space depends on its design. Having counter space on three sides makes a U-shaped or L-shaped layout a desirable choice. Additionally, avoid positioning the refrigerator and sink against adjacent walls because doing so might make the space feel confined.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio