If you are installing a new kitchen as part of a home extension, there are a number of different factors to bear in mind. But what are the important design considerations for home extension kitchens? And how can you achieve the right result?

What are the important design considerations for home extension kitchens?

There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind when designing a new kitchen for a home extension. These considerations include:

  • The layout
  • The deign scheme
  • The practical fixtures

Deciding on a kitchen layout

If you are installing a kitchen in a new home extension you will have a wide range of choices for the kitchen layout available. Depending on the shape of the extension, you could opt for:

  • A U shaped layout- this means lining three of the four walls with cabinets, leaving the whole centre of the kitchen open. This is one of the most common and effective kitchen layouts, and in large kitchens, a kitchen island can even be installed in the centre to add seating and storage options.
  • An L shaped layout- if you are using your home extension as an open plan living and kitchen space, an L shaped layout can be very convenient. This layout involves lining two walls with cabinets, or part of two walls, to create an L shape. This keeps the kitchen area separate to the rest of the space, and a kitchen island can even be used to physically divide the space further.
  • A P shaped layout- this is simply an L shaped layout with an added work surface or kitchen island.

Choosing a design scheme for home extension kitchen spaces

For a new kitchen, in a new home extension, it is important to choose the right design theme. This is something that will need to fit with the rest of your home interior design too. For traditional or period properties, choosing kitchen furniture with additional details and decorative edges can be a great way to establish the style, while for contemporary design schemes, smooth edges with minimal decoration are a better option. You will even need to choose the right details, such as door handles and lighting to get the right results for your design theme.

The practical fixtures for your home extension kitchen

When installing any new kitchen, you have the opportunity to choose whole new fixtures. You may have additional space that you didn’t have before, and this can mean adding additional fixtures like casual seating, or multiple sinks for different purposes. During the design phase, you should focus on choosing the most practical fixtures for your requirements.

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