One of the most popular kitchen design trends that has emerged over recent years is to hide kitchen appliances with an integrated kitchen design. This effectively means using cupboards and cabinets to hide big bulky kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine. While appliances like fridges can even be built into the integrated cabinet design. Overall, this type of kitchen design can create a streamlined, minimalist kitchen with an incredible visual aesthetic. But what are the important considerations for integrated kitchen appliances? And how can you use this type of design effectively for your kitchen?

What are the important considerations for integrated kitchen appliances?

There are several important considerations to take into account when it comes to integrating your kitchen appliances. These include:

⦁ The style of your kitchen
⦁ The size of the kitchen
⦁ False cupboards

Integrated appliances for all styles of kitchen

When thinking about integrated appliances, many people assume that this is simply a design trend that applies to contemporary kitchens. However, this is not the case. Farmhouse, rustic, traditional and even shaker kitchens can make use of this design style, as hiding the appliances simply places more focus on the cabinets and the decor of the room itself. Cabinets designed for integrating appliances are available in a range of styles, to suit all manner of kitchen design themes.

Integrated appliances and the size of the kitchen

Integrating your kitchen appliances can help to save space in a small or compact kitchen, or a galley kitchen, but it can also help the largest open plan kitchen feel more spacious. One thing to consider when it comes to the size of your kitchen though are the cabinet colours. Floor to ceiling cabinets, in a dark or rich colour, can make your kitchen feel smaller, despite saving space with the integrated design. For smaller kitchens, opt for lighter coloured cabinets, with a high gloss finish to reflect the light.

Integrated appliances can include false cupboards

As part of the integrated appliance design, you may have an appliance that is too large to fit within a single cupboard, like a full size, combined, fridge freezer. And to fully integrate this, you should consider false cupboards. This mean that instead of having one extremely large cupboard, this can be made to look like a stack of two or three smaller cupboards, to fit with the rest of your kitchen design.

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