As one of the most important rooms in the home, the kitchen always needs to be designed practically, as well as being visually effective. But what about kitchens in open plan spaces? Well, a single wall kitchen is often used here and there are a number of effective options for creating a stylish single wall kitchen.

What is a single wall kitchen?

A single wall kitchen is a type of kitchen where all of the appliances and the cabinets only take up on single wall of the space. These are especially suitable for open plan kitchen, dining and living room spaces. When well designed, a single wall kitchen can be just as effective and just as practical as any standard kitchen.

What are the effective options for creating a stylish single wall kitchen?

So, how can you create a single wall kitchen that is stylish, practical and suitable for your home and cooking lifestyle? Well, there are a number of different options to consider, and these include:

  • Using tall cabinets- tall cabinets and wall cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling can be very useful in single wall kitchens as these increase the amount of storage space available, helping to keep the worktop free from clutter. This can also add a uniform style to your kitchen which helps create a stylish and sleek effect.
  • Adding a kitchen island- a kitchen island can be a very effective addition to nay kitchen large enough to house one, but for a single wall kitchen this can be incredibly practical and important. This will add storage, worktop or seating space, and it may even be useful for your kitchen sink. With so many flexible design options available you can add a kitchen island to create a practical and well designed space.
  • Using integrated appliances- finally, to ensure a stylish and well designed space you should consider installing integrated appliances. These are appliances that are installed within cabinets to hide them and to create a uniform and structured kitchen style.

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