If you don’t have the money, space or time to make your kitchen bigger, you can always create the illusion that it is bigger. Below we have listed 6 ways you can do this!

Elongated Patterns

By choosing geometric patterns and striped walls or floors then it will draw the eye lengthways and make the room appear longer or taller than it actually is. If you have a checked floor, then by having laid squarely it can make the room feel stunted and small. If you physically can’t change the floor, then add a patterned runner which will have the same effect.

Light Furnishings

Certain elements featured in the kitchen such as wire kitchen islands, glass lights or backless barstools will leave your sight lines open and tend to not trip your eye as you move around the move. This makes it feel more spacious.

Shiny Surfaces

Having stainless steel appliances, satin paint or glossy floors will definitely do the trick. You can be modern and stylish at the same time!

Open Shelving

Instead of having closed or traditional style shelving, why not go for storage with a less bulky look and feel and an airier tone. Only do this if you aren’t a complete whirlwind in your kitchen.

Little Clutter

This isn’t just about being tidy, it’s about keeping clean lines and not so many decorative details. Avoid elements such as corbels and cabinet pulls, opt to be a bit more minimalist instead. Look for appliances and designs that keep things open and clutter free.

Low Contrasts

Keep your colour pallet more or less the same with little to no variation. Choose light colours or even white and having appliances that blend in with the walls also does the trick!

by Priory Kitchen Studio