All trends come and go but what better way to jump on a trend is to start doing it, before it’s even out there? Cabinet trends sound a bit funny but there are one of the most vital pieces in your kitchen, they are what brings the room to life! They give the space character and personality so what’s better than getting a jump start before anyone else?!

Subtle Designs

Having clean lines and subtle designs in your kitchen will ensure flexibility in the long run. The modern style is coming back in so this is definitely for people who are looking to upgrade. Clean lines pair well with black and white kitchens and it gives the overall look of clean and sleek while still upholding its fashionable finish.

Neutral Colours

White, grey and other neutral palettes provide a sense of warmth into the kitchen and work well among a variety of different design elements. They also provide you with a sense of freedom to add bold colours elsewhere if you like. It also provides your kitchen with a seamless look and finish throughout the whole room.

Functional yet Fancy

Cabinets not only need to look good, they need to work properly as well. Many people now are incorporating cabinets that accommodate their needs better, for things such as organization, storage and access. Cabinets to ensure this look and practicality are, toe kick drawers under the lower cabinets, pull-out shelving and lazy Susan’s within your corner cabinet!

Horizontal Designs

Although squares and rectangles will always be popular, as cabinets are getting wider, horizontal patterns are coming into play. They make access much easier and gives your kitchen a cleaner and refined polish. If you’re looking to be more organized, add drawer inserts to declutter your pots and pans!

by Priory Kitchen Studio