With solid surface materials like Corian, and other man made options including laminate and acrylic designs popular for contemporary kitchens, natural effect features can offer something unusual and stylish. In fact, timber, stone or metal could really help to set your contemporary kitchen apart and make a bold statement. So what are the options for natural effect contemporary kitchen design features? Well, here at Priory Kitchen Studio, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about using natural materials, and natural effect materials, in a contemporary kitchen.

What are the different options for natural effect contemporary kitchen design features?

There are a range of different ways to add natural effect features to your contemporary kitchen. These features can include:

  • Hardwood and timber effect
  • Natural stone and stone effect
  • Natural metals

Hardwood and timber effect in contemporary kitchens

From solid hardwood flooring to hardwood or timber effect worktops, there are a number of ways to add timber, or timber effect to a contemporary kitchen. While many contemporary kitchens opt for a high gloss acrylic material for kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors, choosing wooden, or wood effect cabinets, or other timber features, can be a great option. These can also have a high gloss finish, to create a light and airy space, but the natural grain can help to add character and personality to your contemporary kitchen. For the best results, choose a wooden style and shade that suits your overall colour scheme, or creates contrast. For example, a light wooden tone can be very effective for dark kitchens, while a deep, rich tone can be eye catching and dramatic in a lighter contemporary kitchen.

Natural stone and stone effect in contemporary kitchens

Just like the above, both natural stone and stone effect features can have a positive impact on your contemporary kitchen. From stone effect floor tiling, which is more practical than real stone tiling, to granite or limestone worktops, you can choose the type, colour and texture of the stone or stone effect to best suit your design scheme. In a contemporary kitchen, natural stone can add character and help to create a stunning design feature or focal point. For those with a smaller budget, quartz worktops can be a great compromise. These are a blend of natural materials and man made, and this can mirror more expensive stone, like marble or granite.

Metal features in contemporary kitchens

Finally, you could also opt for small metal features to play a big part in your design. This could include metal taps, or even a metal sink. Copper and brass colours are popular for contemporary kitchen design, and these can add style while complementing the overall colour and design scheme. However, you should probably avoid metal cabinet handles, as these can detract from the uniform, sleek design, and are more commonly associated with traditional or Shaker kitchen design.

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by Priory Kitchen Studio